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Lee Valley

Step into our Kennington box and forget the troubles of inner city life in our urban oasis. For our members, Kennington isn’t just a place to work out, it’s where they hang out to have fun. It IS their Friday night, with music, friends, and an environment they love to be immersed in.

Set in two stunning railway arches with exposed brickwork, as you walk in, you’ll see our cozy athlete’s lounge where members fraternize before and after their workouts. Arch 1 boasts an extension that makes it unlike from any other CrossFit facility in London. Arch 2 houses a strongman kit and artificial turf. Come try out our full-length rope climbs, easy access to running routes, outdoor space, and see why we’re known as the most well-equipped gym in London. In the summer, join us for weekly barbeques.

At our Lee Valley location, you’re surrounded on all sides by the Olympic spirit. Housed in a top-of-the-line athletics centre used by Olympians, Lee Valley offers a true box experience with jet black CrossFit equipment and plenty of it. To get to the box, you’ll walk past the 200-metre indoor track where you might see future gold medalists in training - what better way to get in the right frame of mind before your workout?

Once inside, you’ll have a great view of Olympians running on the 400-metre outdoor track. When you work out at Lee Valley, you’re sandwiched between some of the most dedicated elite athletes in the world. Let their commitment and success motivate you to achieve great things. With the right mindset and hard work, anything is possible.


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