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Aces Strong Programme: 11th & 16th September

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A1. SA BB Warrior press x 6
A2. Strict TTB x 8-10

B. X2
Sandbag press to failure (20+ reps)
Push ups to failure
Sled rope pulls x2 Lengths
Rest 5 min

C. X2
Sandbag carry 200m
Max Cal rower 2 mins
Rest 5 min


A. X2
Lateral raises palms down 15s
Lateral Hold thumbs up 15s
Lateral raises thumbs up 15s
Lateral hold palms down 15s

B1. BB landmine row x 10
B2. DB Z Press 2 x 5-6

C. Wide grip pull ups 6-6-6

D. X4
Farmers carry x 2 Lengths
Ring push ups x 10-12
30” Box jumps x 8
Sandbag squats @BW x 5
Prowler backwards sled drag x 3