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CrossFit Open 2017 – How to approach it from a beginners point of view

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CrossFit Open 2017


It’s that time of year again!


This blog is targeted at those who don’t know what the Open is, as well as those who did it last year and maybe felt a little out of their depth…


So what exactly is The Open?


You may have heard some chatter in recent weeks about ‘The Open’.


The Open is the first stage of the road to the CrossFit Games and consists of 5 workouts over 5 weeks.


There are 2 categories, RX and Scaled.


You have 2 options, choose the right one!


This is where you have to decide on the way you want to approach the workouts. Every Thursday night Dave Castro announces the workout and you will either be selecting RX or Scaled based on ability. Don’t let your ego get in the way of selecting the correct workout.


The Open should be fun and a good test of your fitness.  Choosing the correct workout will give you a sense of achievement and see you push harder than you have probably ever done before.


The Open also gives you the opportunity to achieve a new PR, like a bar muscle up, double under or HSPU.


This is where as a coach we like to see people making the correct decision on which workout the choose, the idea is to test your fitness – not stare at a bar for 8 mins trying to get 1 bar muscle up. We are all for helping people achieve something that they haven’t done before but not at the cost of injury.


We strongly advise that if you are unsure about doing RX or Scaled you come and speak to a coach.




The Open is all about coming together and training in an environment that is full of encouragement and celebration of full effort. You will be assigned a judge to go through the workout, just having someone count your reps changes the dynamic of the experience. You will push harder and feed off of the atmosphere.


If you are a new member, this is a great chance for you to get to know some new faces at the gym and see the potential of having a support system in your training. We are all in this together and nothing signifies that quite like the Open.




At 3 Aces we celebrate everyone’s achievements, there is no achievement too small and just turning up to 1 let alone all 5 is an achievement in itself.


The most important thing is to enjoy the workout and treat yourself to a beer after.




All of the above will help you find the correct mindset, we will help with the preparation for each workout – follow this and you won’t go wrong.


  • Choose the correct workout
  • Come prepared
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
  • Cheer other people on
  • Pat yourself on the back
  • And finally- Enjoy it!





Make sure to note the below after each workout so that we can help you improve and gain feedback from the tests.


  • The movements you couldn’t do
  • What you found hard e.g pacing, muscle endurance, breathing, going hard etc
  • Where you felt you had done well


This is a great opportunity to engage with the community in the gym and get an insight into what a series of CrossFit tests feels like.  Remember this is a test not how you train on a weekly basis.
Enjoy! And Good Luck!